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Green Efforts

Our CSR actions: Igniting hope with green power


  • Since 2011, O’right has been promoting forest conservation and taking action to reduce carbon emissions. To this day, we have reduced up to 1,427,120 kg of carbon emissions, which is equal to planting 129,738 20-year-old trees. We believe that by indulging in nature, we can learn how to love and protect forests and this piece of land. Through tree climbing, we learn how to protect trees and interact with nature; it is a great way to see the world differently, from high up among the branches.


  • For 8 years, O’right has taken an active role serving as the organizer of Earth Hour in Taiwan, this year teaming up with Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Cathay Financial Holdings and Taipei 101 for a cycling event around Taipei City Hall and Xinyi District. More than 100 celebrities and 500 corporations joined to show support for Earth Hour and call upon the public to switch off unnecessary lights, which resulted in 52,700 kg of carbon emissions being reduced, equal to planting 5,000 trees on earth.


















  • 2018 marks the 8th anniversary of O’right’s Coastal Cleanup, with volunteers getting together with the common goal of collecting and documenting the trash littering the coastline. A total of 494 kg of trash was collected, which helped to reduce 1,018 kg of carbon emissions and is equivalent to planting 93 20-year-old trees. Over the course of 8 years, staff, family members, green suppliers and salon hairdressers reunite each year, resulting to 5,891.7 kg of trash collected, 12,136.3 kg of carbon reduced and 1,103 20-year-old trees planted. As a company, we take collective action to make a green difference on earth.




  • In 2017, we removed 291 kg of marine trash from the coastal shores, which helped reduce 599 kg of carbon and is equivalent to planting 54 20-year-old trees. Everyone has the power to protect the environment. Even a small change can make a tremendous difference.



  • O’right celebrates 10 years of Earth Hour. We joined hands to co-host a mini concert and fair held at Yuanshan Park of Taipei City to celebrate the world’s largest action for climate change. We helped reduce 80,000kWh, which is equivalent reducing 42,000kg of carbon emissions






  • For Earth Hour 2016, O’right helped save up to 80,000 kWh of electricity in Taiwan, which is equivalent to reducing 51,040 kg of carbon emissions and planting 4,640 trees

  • Joined WWF’s Earth Hour movement in Taiwan for 6 years in a row. This is the first time O’right teamed up with the Lamigo Monkeys to turn Earth Hour Taiwan into a sport related event. We counted down to Earth Hour along with 20,000 baseball fans in the stadium in hopes of raising green awareness and impacting more people with our green power.


  • Collaborated with National Taiwan University (NTU) Experimental Forest for the third time to launch the tree planting project and planted 1 hectare of trees (1,500 trees), which helped reduce 99,000 kg of carbon emissions on earth. Let’s keep conserving forests and take action to fight global warming and protect the planet.



  • Co-hosted the Earth Hour event with the Society of Wilderness for 5 consecutive years, inviting well-known celebrities to join the event. Each year, Earth Hour is supported by about 10,000 hairstylists from over 4,000 hair salons around Taiwan. From 2011 to 2015, this inspiring event has helped Taiwan save up to 370,000 kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to reducing 220,000 kg of carbon emissions.

  • According to the Society of Wilderness, nearly 10,000 volunteers in Taiwan joined the beach cleanup in 2015 and picked up 36,000 kg of trash from the beach, reducing 74,160 kg of carbon emissions on earth. A total of 150 volunteers from O’right collected 355 kg of trash, which helped reduce 731 kg of carbon and plant 66 trees



  • Joined the world’s largest volunteer effort for the ocean by participating in the International Coastal Cleanup for 3 years in a row. On the day of one of O’right’s most important annual events, staff and families come together to protect our natural environment and fulfill the green enterprise’s corporate social responsibility.




  • Worked with NTU Experimental Forest Program for the 6-year Forestation Project again to reduce carbon emissions from deforestations and planted 322 more trees, thus reducing 21,252 kg of carbon emissions. 




  • Made a donation to the Tao Foundation for the rehabilitation of the typhoon-stricken tribal area and also to promote local environmental protection and the unique culture of Tao people.

  • Sponsored the release of the 3D film The Lorax produced by Universal Studios by giving out O’right Seed Bags as a means of encouraging children to protect the earth.

  • Supported the Simple Life project initiated by ELIV International in the construction of green orphanages in Cambodia.



  • Joined the 20-year Forestation Project along with 1,569 hair salons by planting 528 trees and conserving the earth’s natural environment, which helped in reducing 116,160 kg of carbon emissions

  • Cooperated with Eden Social Welfare Foundation to help children with development delay get early intervention. O’right’s CEO donated all of the speaking fees he earned from various universities and colleges.




  • Sponsored the Chinese edition of 2 Degrees too High: Understanding the Copenhagen Summit, giving us a clearer grasp on what we should do for the earth to make it a better, and more wonderful place.

  • Sponsored the DVD release of Taiwan’s first environmental documentary ±2°C, which was distributed to over 7,000 hair salons in Taiwan.

  • Held 10 green salon seminars around Taiwan to promote carbon reduction in hair salons and share green news with more than 1,700 customers.

  • Donated NT$6.7 million worth of products and NT$350,000 of cash to the Aboriginal Culture and Education Association in Pingtung County to rebuild children’s learning centers in areas severely damaged by Morakot Typhoon.



  • Sponsored the release of the book and DVD of the documentary HOME to give viewers a different view of the earth.

  • Sponsored the premiere of HOME, directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, inviting 1,200 salon customers to attend and together make the eco-promise to Go Green and Save the Earth.

  • Donated NT$6 million worth of products and NT$300,000 of cash to Taichung’s Kuo’an Elementary School’s soccer team. The team celebrated their 2 first runner-up wins, making Taiwanese community proud.



  • Initiated the Love Card project, teaching the younger generation the importance of environmental protection by signing their eco-statements on the card.




  • Cleaned up the beaches of Kenting to protect its natural environment and ensure that it continues to thrive.

  • Donated NT$18 million worth of products and NT$178,000 of cash to Orbis International, helping 200 children regain their sight.




  • Donated NT$13 million worth of products and NT$170,000 of cash to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families to help disadvantaged children and younger generations.